Our Mission

Here at Pearl Bath Bombs, we believe bath-time should be exciting! We are passionate about creating products that smell and feel amazing, with luxurious skin-loving ingredients. We bring you natural, cruelty free bath products, handmade right here in America.

About Us.

We launched in 2015 with the Original Ring Bath Bomb that had women across the country experiencing the excitement of discovering a sparkly surprise in their bath. Over time, we’ve realized that not only does the mystery and excitement of discovering a ring in the bath have customers coming back, but they also have fallen in love with the exceptional quality of our natural bath products. Now we are going back to the basics. We want to develop bath products with scents, and luxurious ingredients that are exciting on their own!

We never test on animals.

All of our formulas are developed – and tested – by us.

We are handmade in Chicago.

From the hand mixing of each unique formula, to the hand-painted designs on some of our bath bombs, to our packaging that features unique hand-painted bath bombs, we are truly bath artisans. We do not contract manufacturers over-seas to insure the absolute highest quality of bath product, while supporting our local economy.

We are a non-toxic bath company.

Our bath products are made as natural as possible with the highest quality food-grade ingredients. There’s something so synthetic and stale about a lot of mass manufactured bath products on the market. We develop small batch, natural bath products with innovative designs and recipes that are truly skin-friendly.

We do not hide our ingredient list.

We are proud of it! All of the organic, natural and safe-synthetic ingredients we use in all of our bath products are all thoughtfully listed on our packaging and website, in order to highlight their benefits. Many of our products are made without synthetic fragrances, or any dye at all. Don’t get us wrong - bright colors in the bath are fun! But we also want to offer more natural and organic bath products to promote wellness and beauty. Instead of just choosing one type of bath over the other, we decided to cater to both types of bath lovers.

Self Care.

With our increasingly busy lives and schedules, we believe it’s so important to develop self-care routines – and we want to be a part of yours! Allow us to add delicious scents, and luxurious excitement to your well deserved me-time. See why millions of women have fallen in love with our natural, handmade bath treats.