Best Gifts For Bridesmaids

Best Gifts For Bridesmaids

Wedding season is just around the corner, and if you are a bride to be…you probably have a million things on your plate. One of those things is “what do I get my bridesmaids?” because each one of them is as unique as pearl. Luckily we’ve talked to a couple of bridesmaids and got the scoop on what all of them were dying to get their hands on!


1. Something monogrammed – nice glassware never goes out of style! So treat them to something to something they can keep forever and always remember your special day by!


2. Something Funny – Make them smile with gifts that are funny and they can actually use! These flask bangles are the perfect way to sneak a sip of Rosé no matter where you are. Check it out at


3. Something Relaxing – Not to brag, but our bath bombs are the ultimate gift. Youre not only giving them an excuse to relax in the tub, but you can also give them a bath bomb in their favourite scent AND the best part is the beautiful ring they get at the end of the bath! So this wedding season, everyone gets a ring! Featured: Strawberries and Champagne Bath Bomb


4. Something luxurious – Everyone loves to feel pampered, and no matter how down to earth your brides maid is…. They will LOVE our Luxe Soaks. They are so luxurious we had to put the word in its name! Our four different scents are sure to please everyone of your bridesmaids (trust me, that’s a miracle). Featured: Rose Quartz Luxe Soak



5. Something memorable – Who doesn’t love photographs and who doesn’t love candles? So why not combine the two! Try getting a memorable photograph of you and your gal printed to fit one of our candles. Every time she uses the candle she will be taken away by a dreamy scent and a photo that will melt her heart!


These gifts are sure to make your bridesmaids happy, and other bridesmaids jealous! Don’t forget to post a photo of your bridesmaids gifts to Instagram and tag us @pearlbathbombs and we might feature you on our page! 


Happy wedding season everyone!