Big Mystery Box

Gift Set (Pack of 11)

(316 Reviews)
What's inside this Big Mystery Box?
$200 Worth of Pearl Bath Bombs product! (Up to 12 items max).


What will I get in my Mystery Box?
Well, it wouldn't be much of a mystery if we told you exactly what is inside! Your Mystery Box will come with an assortment of Ring Bath Bombs, plus a chance of receiving Mini Bath Bombs, Jewelry and Gemstone Ring Soaps in a variety of scents. No items are guaranteed, but we do our best to mix in best-selling, limited edition, and previously sold out items. At minimum, you will discover 11 Rings with this gift set. We do not ship duplicate products in this box.


Can I gift a Mystery Box to someone?
Yes, you can! Our Mystery Boxes make the perfect gift. Simply put in the name, shipping address, and ring size of the person you are gifting the Mystery Box to and we will be sure it gets to them ASAP.




4.8 based on 316 Reviews
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