Jewelry Cloud

Gift Set (Pack of 3)

Inside this gift set you will receieve (1) synthetic Opal Ring valued $45, (1) Black CZ Platinum-plated Ring valued $35 and (1) Glittery Necklace valued $35

Sink beneath the silky waters of our 3 top-selling Cloud Ring Bath Bombs and allow yourself to float away to a world of relaxation. 

Rainbow Ring Bath Bomb is what dreams are made of! Place this bath bomb in your tub and watch it release a colorful rainbow and uplifting scent of citrusy lemon and juicy pink grapefruit. As if this isn’t magical enough, you’ll discover a stunning synthetic Opal Ring at the end of the rainbow! 

Don’t be mistaken with this bath bomb’s light lilac color – inside a storm is brewing. Unleash Stormy cloud bath bomb in your tub and watch the water turn to a deep, stormy purple. An enchanting scent of sandalwood, deep patchouli and golden amber will rain over you, helping to clear your mind. Each Stormy Bath Bomb is hand-painted with biodegradable shimmer dust that shines in the light. They also conceal a collection of beautiful black rings.

When you are looking for a little self love, a dip in our Pink Sugar Cloud's dreamy waters will leave you floating on cloud 9 ☁️  It has a sweet, sugary scent of ripe strawberries and creates a lucious pink foaming bath. Inside you will discover 1 of 4 glittery necklaces inside ✨ 




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