Cotton Candy Sky

Gift Set (Pack of 2)

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This gift set comes with (1) platinum-plated CZ Ring valued between $30-$40 and (1) Glitter Necklace valued $40.

Indulge in our Cotton Candy Sky Gift Set with two dreamy Ring Bath Bombs: Unicorn and Pink Sugar Clouds ☁️💖

Made with pink and blue fairy dust, Unicorn Ring Bath Bomb will release swirly clouds of cotton candy will leave you smelling like a dream. Each one is unique & will turn your bath a different shade of pink, blue or purple - depending on your inner unicorn spirit. 

When you are looking for a little self love, a dip in our pink dreamy waters will leave you floating on cloud 9 ☁️  Pink Sugar Cloud has a sweet, sugary scent of ripe strawberries and creates a lucious pink foaming bath. Inside you will discover 1 of 4 glitter necklaces inside ✨ 


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