Easter Basket

Gift Set (Pack of 2)

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The Easter hunt is on! With our new Easter Basket Gift Set, you will discover inside a surprise that may be even better than chocolate. Limited time only!

Brighten up your bath and hop into Spring with our limited edition Easter Tie Dye Egg Ring Bath Bomb! This colorful egg makes the perfect Easter gift. It has a tropical scent of juicy pineapple, ripe mango and succulent peach. Inside you will discover a sparkly platinum-plated CZ Ring!

Ever had a London Fog? It's a creamy tea latte, made with Earl Grey Tea and bergamot. This ultra soothing bath bomb has just that: pure bergamot essential oil and notes of jasmine for a relaxing and uplifting soak. The jasmine buds we add in this bath bomb help lock moisture in the skin. This handmade bath treat comes with 1 of 3 dreamy Opal Rings inside.


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