Gift Set

This Gift Set comes with a Rose-Quartz Crystal, and 2 CZ Platinum-plated Rings valued $30-$40 USD each. *These are super limited edition, small batch Ring Bath Bombs packed with amazing skin rejuvenating ingredients. When they are gone, they're gone!

Step up your skin routine in 2021 with our new Glow-Up Ring Bath Bomb Gift Set! We designed these new bath bombs with smooth, hydrated and glowing skin in mind. 

Tangerine Turmeric Ring Bath Bomb is made with an ultra hydrating blend of coconut milk and epsom salt, and an uplifting scent of tangerine essentail oil and bergamot essential oil. The turmeric in this bath bomb has many skin benefits as it is known to posess anti-inflamatory properties, and is packed with antioxidants. 

Muscle Relief is perfect to soothe sore muscles as it is made with pure epson salt and extra dose of dead sea salt on the top which you can pour straight into your bath! It has a rejuvenating scent of pure eucalyptus essential oil and peppermint essential oil. 

Our Self Love Minis are made with uplifting pink grapefruit & bergamot essential oils, and mineral-rich pink Himalayan salt. They are free of dye and synthetic fragrances and feature an ultra hydrating blend of 7 oils – including argan oil and avocado oil. Each Self Love also comes with a rose quartz crystal: the stone of love.




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