The Nightmare Before Bathtime

Gift Set (Pack of 3)

Haunt your tub this Halloween with this spooky squad. This Halloween Gift Set comes with 3 Ring Bath Bombs: Poison Apple, Death By Roses and Immotal Charcoal Skull.

Poison Apple has a scent of sour green apples and comes with one of two 18k gold / platinum plated rings: a stunning red CZ encrusted Apple Ring, or a red CZ Dagger Ring that would make The Queen green with envy. 

Death By Roses has a hauntingly beautiful scent of black cherry and will turn your tub a deep mangeta color. It comes with one of three romantic platinum-plated rings with red, pink or clear CZ stones.

Immortal Charcoal Skull has a blackberry amber scent to die for. Take a dip in it's jet black waters and bring your skin back from the dead with the detoxifying powers of activated charcoal. Inside you will discover one of three limited edition Platinum-plated Skull Rings. 



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