Pick Your Poison

Gift Set (Pack of 3)

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Conjure up a dangerously relaxing bath with our newest gift set, Pick Your Poison. This Halloween set includes our new Life Potion Cauldron Necklace Bath Bomb, Amortentia Ring Bath Bomb and top-selling Poison Apple Ring Bath Bomb. Side effects include super soft skin and an increased excitment for all things Halloween!

This magical Life Potion Cauldron will help revive it's bather's skin with an elixir of hempseed oil, rose-hip seed oil and almond oil! It has an intoxicating wild currants, dried berries and warm sandalwood. Inside you will reveal a limited edition Black Druzy Necklace 🖤

Take a dip in the most powerful love potion in existence, Amortentia. It will cause a powerful infatuation or obsession from the bather. Lose yourself in the scent of deep red hibiscus is infused with sweet, ripe raspberries and delicate rose petals. Inside you will find a Black CZ Platinum-plated Heart Ring or Red CZ Platinum-plated Heart Ring.

Beware: our Poison Apple is rotten to the core. Place this bath bomb in your tub and watch as it turns your water a blood red. It has a scent of sour green apples and comes with one of two 18k gold / platinum plated rings: a stunning red CZ encrusted Apple Ring, or a red CZ Dagger Ring that would make The Queen green with envy. 


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