Rare Gemstone

Gift Set (Pack of 3)

This gift set comes with (1) Opal Ring valued $40-$50 USD, (1) Rose-Gold Morganite Ring valued $40-45 USD and (1) Clear CZ Ring valued $30-$40 USD. All stones are man-made.

Treat yourself to some glitz and glam with our Rare Gemstone Ring Bath Bomb collection! Create the ultimate luxurious bath to really soak the stress of the day away and reveal the most gorgeous collections of rings. 

Opalescent Ring Bath Bomb has a mezmerising scent of sparkling blackberry and delicate magnolia, and will turn your water a stunning lavender purple before revealing 1 of 3 limited editon Opal Rings inside. 

Bring the party to your tub with our Diamond Disco Bomb! It has a fresh scent of sparkling pear & amber, and contains a sparkly Platinum-plated CZ Ring inside! It is handmade and lightly dusted with biodegradable glitter and pearlescent shimmer.

Rose Gold Shimmer has a delicate scent of sparkling peach, rose, and musk. This pretty pink fizzer is dipped in rose-gold mica powder and conceals a dazzling Rose-Gold Plated Synthetic Morganite Ring!




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