Vitamin C

Gift Set (Pack of 3)

Reveal brighter skin with our vitamin C infused bath products! This zesty trio contains active ingredients containing vitamin C and other skin repairing and hydrating properties.

Pop our Grapefruit Fizz Ring Bath Bomb in the tub for the perfect morning wake-me-up. It is made with grapefruit essential oil that is known to reduce stress, and enhance mood. It also comes with some bling at the end which also helps to brighten your day! Our Vitamin C Scrub is incredibly light on the skin. It is formulated with fine sugar granules, organic sunflower oil and a sweet, calming scent of orange essentil oil. It will buff skin for a radient, smooth finish. Finally, our Lemongrass Sage Mini Bath Bombs is made with 7 high quality oils such as jojoba oil which contians vitamin C to help leave skin smooth, and radient.