Winter Is Here

Gift Set (Pack of 3)


Winter is here. Time to rise up an conquer the throne...err the bath. In a battle between ice and fire, both win in the tub! Mother of Dragons will have you soaring to new heights with its mood enhancing blend of zesty lemongrass, bergamot and rosewood essential oils, and comes with an exclusive Mother of Dragons wedding ring inside. Just add warm water to the Dragon’s Egg and it will open up to a calming blend of eucalyptus and cedarwood, with a limited edition Opal Dragons Egg ring inside. Finally, King of the Night brings the storm to your tub with frosted suds of snow covered pine, blended with ylang ylang and orchid. Inside the bright blue King of the Night skull is the key to its defeat - a “Dragonglass” Arrow Ring.

Hand-painted with biodegradable lustre dust, and handmade in Chicago with the highest quality natural ingredients, you won’t want to miss out on all the magic. This limited edition Winter Is Here Gift Set is available only while supplies last!